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Car Travel

Check travel conditions before starting your journey. Click here to find information about local roadworks, congestion, incidents, and traffic speeds.

Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact:

  • Reduce car trips by working from home more often and choosing home delivery for shopping.
  • Short local journeys can be quicker and healthier when walking or biking.
  • Enjoy reading or relaxing by taking the bus or train for some trips.
  • Combine errands, like stopping at the supermarket on your way home from work.

Make Car Journeys More Efficient:

  • Consider fuel type and consumption when replacing your car.
  • Drive efficiently to reduce fuel usage and emissions (e.g., the most efficient speed is 45-50mph).
  • Carpool to share costs and fill empty seats.
  • Find out more information about eco-driving.

Electric Car Charging Points:

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, charging is crucial. Visit the Zap-Map website for step-by-step guides on EV charging, power ratings, connectors, and where to find charging points in the Borough.

Smart Motorway Breakdown:

Read the advice on what to do if you break down on a smart motorway, on the BBC website.