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Ride your own Bikeathon

Monday, June 8, 2020
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- Friday, July 31, 2020

Event Date: 8th June – 31st July 


This year to celebrate the amount of people getting out on their bikes Wokingham Bikeathon are encouraging you to ‘Ride your own Bikeathon’!

The current restrictions forced the tough decision to postpone the Wokingham Bikeathon to 2021, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out on your bike and tackle the route(s)!

Government guidance encourages cycling as a fantastic form of exercise crucial for physical and mental wellbeing, at the Wokingham Bikeathon we couldn’t agree more! So rather than having a single day for everyone to complete the route we’re giving you until the 31st July to get involved, ride the route, and share your story and photos on our social media platforms or by email in order to receive a 2020 finisher's certificate.

There has been a significant increase in the use of cycles for transport and leisure during the lockdown so help us use this positive energy to make long lasting mindset changes and keep everyone riding for years to come. It couldn’t be simpler to ride your own Bikeathon; just follow the steps below, let Wokingham Bikeathon know when you’ve completed a route, and importantly share the event with a friend or family member to get even more people out on cycles!

How to take part

  1. Register FREE at:  
  2. Download the 17, 28 or 37 mile route from Wokingham Bikeathon (we recommend you mark this on a map or use a GPS device)
  3. Ride it at your leisure from 8th June to 31st July to qualify
  4. Start at the new bicycle pump in Elm's Field (by the Everyman cinema) and send Wokingham Bikeathon a photo!
  5. Take some more photos en route
  6. When you have finished email: for a certificate (do this by 31st July).
  7. Share this event with a friend!

Be sure to check your bike is in working order before setting off - the ABC (Air, Brakes, Chain) check is simple and easy to do yourself, but for any larger issues we recommend contacting your local bike mechanic. Take enough food and water to sustain yourself on the route(s), items to fix a puncture or small mechanical, and remember to abide by social distancing and government guidelines at all times (see the Cycling UK page for more information.