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Air Quality Easter Walking Trail

Over the Easter break, the My Journey Active Travel Officer together with our Eco Travel Officer delivered an activity as part of the Wokingham Air Quality Project. The aims of this project are to raise awareness in the Borough about air quality and ways in which it can be improved.  The air quality project has been funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and as part of the project we are provided with an Eco Travel Officer from Intelligent Health.

To this end, the Eco Travel Officer and the Active Travel Officer planned a walk which would be close to schools, local communities, a busy road and some green spaces.

To this end the route was based around Keephatch Nature Reserve and London Road. After a couple of weeks scouting the area, a route was mapped out as well as several different activities families could take part in.

Starting on the 30th March and running until the 18th April, families could follow our route where there were posters dotted at each major turning, making it easy to follow. Each of these posters also had a different activity on them each designed to raise awareness of air quality. Some of these activities ranged from monitoring the amount of traffic, identifying the trees in an area using a leaf guide, or checking the pollution levels in an area using a lichen guide provided.

Various different prizes were also offered for those taking part in the walk and the different activities provided.

Both the Eco Travel Officer and the Active Travel Officer were so pleased with the success of the activity that they plan to replicate it in other areas across the Borough. More details will be released later.