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Anti-Idling Banners

The Public Protection Partnership and the My Journey team have given some anti-idling banners to Wokingham Primary Schools which have been going up. We think they look great!! 

They are designed to discourage parents from idling in their cars at school drop off and pick up times.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to health in the UK, with between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths a year attributed to long-term exposure. There is strong evidence that air pollution causes the development of coronary heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and lung cancer, and exacerbates asthma. Children are especially vulnerable to air pollution as their lungs are still growing and developing.

Please remember to always switch off your engine when you are stationary, especially at school drop of and pick up times. This will help reduce air pollution around the borough and when parked near a school.