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Close Pass Cycling Awareness Campaign in Wokingham – 30th April 2021

Some of the My Journey team were spotted on BBC South TV last Friday, as they took part in a joint operation with Thames Valley Police, to raise awareness of the issues faced by cyclists when vehicles overtake them too close.

A police officer on a bike fitted with cameras cycled along Finchampstead Road and Nine Mile Ride during the busy Friday morning commute and, if any vehicle passed him dangerously close, he radioed ahead to a police motorcyclist, who engaged with the driver and brought them to the check site at California Crossroads. Once there, Police checked their driving licence and vehicle (insurance, MOT, tax, etc.) and they were given the option of having a Road Safety talk (by My Journey staff) on how to overtake cyclists safely, or receiving a fine and points on their licence.

During the morning, 3 vehicles were stopped for illegal close passing and the drivers opted for Road Safety Education. One driver and his passenger were also given fines for not wearing seat belts whilst driving.

The event was also covered by the local press and radio stations and the team hope that the publicity generated will remind drivers only to overtake a cyclist when it is safe to do so and to give vulnerable road users plenty of room.  The event also highlighted the importance of cyclists making themselves visible on the roads.