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Cycle Focus Day for Year 7 at Oakbank School

The My Journey team visited Oakbank School in Spencers Wood on Friday, 31st January to run a Cycle Focus day for Year 7 pupils. 

In the morning, Year 7 pupils who had cycled to school were able to get their bikes checked by our qualified cycle mechanic and take advantage of free stickers and leaflets to get their bikes entered on bike register. This makes it easier for the bikes to be reunited with their owners if they are stolen and subsequently found.

Our “Doctor Bike” mechanic congratulated a few students whose bikes were well maintained and looked after. However, he also found several bikes with major faults which made them dangerous to ride, including: Brakes not working, gears broken and a wobbly front wheel with the spokes all loose! We hope that the students concerned will take the advice we left with them.

In the afternoon, our Road Safety Officer and Cycle Training Co-ordinator had an hour’s session with Year 7 pupils, talking to them and showing some film clips on several aspects of cycling and road safety, including:

  • Walking to school safely using safe crossings (and possible distractions!)
  • Cycling safely and cycling behaviour
  • Be bright be seen
  • Why you should wear a cycle helmet – including a demonstration with an egg and mini-cycle helmet
  • The dangers of cycling near big trucks or long vehicles
  • Stopping distances of vehicles - with some pupils trying out our reaction timer to demonstrate the amount of thinking distance and braking distance that cars require before they can stop (23m at 30 mph!)

Thank you to Oakbank School for inviting us to this event and to Year 7 who were a very good audience who engaged well with our activities.

Next term some of Oakbank’s pupils will have the chance to be trained on Bikeability Level 3 courses. This is a big step up from Bikeability Level 2 (on quiet roads) which most pupils take at Primary School. Level 3 is for more confident cyclists and covers cycling on busier roads and negotiating busy roundabouts and more complex junctions, as well as planning their own cycling routes.