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Dog Themed Treasure Trail Winners!

In celebration of dog walking month, we recently ran together with our Community Engagement Team, two dog themed treasure trails one at California Country Park and the other at Buckhurst Meadows.

To take part you had to follow the map to find the location of the 12 posters with pictures of dogs on them.  Once you found the posters you had to identify what breed of dog it was.  There was also a bonus question to complete too!

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the competitions are Chester, Connor & Nancy, Enid & Mabel and Jack & Alex who won a goody bag very kindly donated by Tesco.

In case you are curious to know the answers they are listed below:

Breed of Dog Map Position
Poodle  4
Cocker Spaniel 9
Labrador 6
Dalmatian 1
French Bulldog 12
Collie 7
Great Dane 3
Pug 11
Jack Russell 2
Husky 10
Corgi 5
Cockerpoo 8


The bonus question what sort of dog is associated with the Queen – and the answer was The Corgi.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who took part!