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New Year, New Journey?

My Journey Wokingham are asking residents to consider changing one car journey they make regularly to a walk or cycle journey in 2017.

Walking and cycling is one of the easiest ways that individuals can integrate exercise into their lives. NHS guidelines advise adults to do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week such as fast walking or cycling. Physical activity can help prevent conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and dementia.

Over one week, individuals only need to do 22 minutes of exercise each day to meet NHS physical activity guidelines. A walk to the shop could help people reach this target. In addition, carrying the shopping bags could count towards a strength exercise that the NHS recommend should be done at least twice a week. If changing a full journey is too difficult, residents could change part of a journey such as driving half the distance and walking half to their work or child's school.

My Journey has a range of activities planned throughout the year to support residents who want to make a change. The My Journey website has a range of information, tips and advice to help residents travel more actively.

Good luck, Wokingham and happy new year!