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Winter Wheels 2019

The start of December means many things to different people. Perhaps it is the proper start to the Christmas season, gathering food and presents and other vital supplies. For others, it is the growing strength of winter, as the temperatures drop, the days shorten and the wind is touched by the whisper of future snow. But for the My Journey team, December marked the beginning of Winter Wheelers!

This campaign, organised by Love to Ride, is the fourth of their annual cycling campaigns and aims to try and encourage people to remain in the saddle in what is traditionally seen as one of the bleaker months. It involved a daily prize giveaway, accessible to anyone in Wokingham and in the greater United Kingdom. Everyone who cycled for at least ten minutes had the chance to win some fantastic branded cycle equipment, including Loffi cycling gloves, Beryl Lazerlights, Proviz cycling jackets and three brand new bikes. Each day a different prize was on offer, or as Love to Ride like to put it, it like an advent calendar for grown ups

To help spread the word of this event, My Journey publicised it extensively on social media, as well as spreading the word to local workplaces. This was done through the use of posters, and two special events. The first of these was an Active Travel Breakfast organised for the Council staff which also included Dr Bike. Staff who cycled in were able to enjoy a free breakfast, while their bike was given a free check-up.

It was followed by a Led Ride, open to all the businesses in Thames Valley Business Park, where staff were taken on a beautiful cycle along the tow path before stopping for some coffee and cake. Jamika Howell, one of the participants commented that “I haven’t been on a bike since secondary school. I really enjoyed getting out in an easy setting. I’d love to get out again.”

Overall Winter Wheelers was a great success. More people logged rides in December than November, 109 in total, despite the colder weather, their trips totalling 9,969 miles. Love to Ride also commented that they normally expect 50% of their Cycle September participants to take part in Winter Wheelers, but Wokingham soared above this, with 75%.  

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