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Accessible Travel

Active travel is all about making travel decisions that improve your and our communities' health. By choosing to leave the car behind we all benefit from cleaner air, better communities and better health outcomes. However, for many groups, there can be challenges when it comes to walking or cycling. Find out how you can access active travel support and what efforts are being made to improve Wokingham for all.

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Get started by joining one of My Journey’s Woky Wheels 4 All, or joining an event run by other groups around the borough.

Woky Wheels 4 All Cycle Sessions - see our upcoming events here.

Wokingham cycle groups.

Wokingham walking groups.

Wokingham dementia friendly walk.

For people with disabilities, bicycles can serve as valuable mobility aids that can offer greater independence and convenience compared to walking. According to Wheels for Wellbeing, 75% of disabled cyclists consider their cycles as mobility aids. There is a large variety of specially designed cycles available to cater to different abilities.

These include:

  • Handcycles: Designed for people with lower body mobility challenges.
  • Adapted Bicycles: Modified to accommodate specific needs.
  • Recumbent Tricycles: Offer a more comfortable and stable riding position.
  • Tricycles / Trikes: Provide increased balance and stability.
  • Cycles Made for Two: Allow two people to cycle in tandem.
  • Side by Side Cycles: Allowing companions to ride alongside.
  • Tandems: Designed for two riders to pedal together.

How to access an adapted or alternate bicycle

  • Woky Wheels 4 All is a cycle session for people with balance or mobility issues. You can try out our recumbent tricycles or standard two-wheel bicycles. The event takes place weekly but only runs during the lighter months during term-time so we run the sessions up until October half-term. You can find the next event here!
  • Cyclescheme is a cycle-to-work charity funded by the government. They are able to provide funding for an adapted or alternate bicycle if your employer is part of the scheme. You can learn more here.
  • Wheels for Wellbeing is a charity that can assist you in exploring your options and potentially help you acquire an adapted vehicle. You can contact them through their website.
  • Family Fund has a specialist trike for disabled or seriously ill children, you can apply here.

To check the accessibility of local cycle paths, you can use the Paths for Everyone Cycle Map provided by Sustrans.

Dementia Friendly Walks

These walks are designed to accommodate people with cognitive impairments. They help to create a safe and enjoyable experience. Both participants and caregivers are invited to join the weekly walk. Find out more here: Wokingham dementia friendly walk