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Did you know that children who walk, cycle or scoot to school are exposed to less pollution than they would be in a car?

We work with schools to encourage safe, active and sustainable journeys to school for children (and parents). We want to help our young people gain the lifelong skills and knowledge they need to travel safely, responsibly and (where appropriate) independently.

Travelling actively to school provides the perfect opportunity for children to learn about their local area, expand their social networks and feel independent.

Modes of travel can include:

  • Walking;
  • Scooting;
  • Cycling;
  • Park and striding (parking at least a 5-minute walk from your final destination);
  • Public transport

Research also shows that walking, cycling or scooting to school can improve childrens':

  • Alertness;
  • Concentration (for up to four hours afterwards!);
  • Academic performance;
  • Well-being and mood;
  • Self-esteem.

It also makes children more likely to choose sustainable travel options in the future.

The Health Promoting Schools programme strives to create a healthy environment for schools, including pupils, staff, and the wider community through connecting with schools with local services that support health and wellbeing needs.