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Tips for Cycling Safely

Cycling Safety Tips: Enhance Your Ride with Love to Ride and Bikeability

Cycling in Wokingham: Safe, Efficient, and Enjoyable

Cycling is an excellent way to navigate Wokingham quickly while boosting your fitness. To make your cycling experience both safe and enjoyable, here are some key tips:

  • Helmet Safety: Always wear a helmet. A properly fitted helmet reduces the risk of head injuries significantly. For fitting guidance, watch this video.
  • Bicycle Maintenance: Keep your bike in top condition. Check brakes, gears, tyres, and lights regularly. Not sure how to do it? Look out for bike maintenance on the events page on our website.
  • Ride Responsibly: Obey traffic rules, yield to pedestrians, and use hand signals.
  • Stay Visible: Be mindful of blind spots around larger vehicles. Pass safely and swiftly when necessary.
  • Plan Your Route: Use our journey planner to find bike lanes and our cycle maps to find safer routes.
  • Cycling to School: Building Confidence and Independence

Encouraging children to cycle to school enhances their freedom, confidence, and fitness. To ensure their safety on the road:

  • Road Safety Education: Teach your children about road safety. Sustrans offers valuable cycling safety tips.
  • Helmet Fit for Kids: Ensure their helmets are correctly fitted. Watch this video for tips.

Love to Ride: Join the Cycling Community: 

Become part of 'Love to Ride', a community platform promoting cycling. Register to log your rides, set goals, earn badges, and win prizes in various campaigns. Please noe that you need to be aged 13+ to join.

Join Love to Ride here.

Bikeability: Empowering Young Cyclists

Bikeability training, funded by the Department for Transport, is available in Wokingham Borough schools. It helps children gain road cycling skills and confidence.

Levels 1 and 2: 

For children 10 years and older, covering basic to intermediate skills. Starts in safe areas and progresses to traffic roads.

Level 3: 

For those 11 and older who have completed Level 2. This level tackles more challenging traffic situations.

Interested in taking your cycling skills further? Contact us for information on our next Level 3 course or check out Avanti Cycling's Bikeability holiday courses.